Batman what back! Looking back on five exciting episodes with the Flickman, we wonder if Season Two will do as it promised. How did the joker evolve? What are your friendships doing? Will Batman and Catwoman get closer again? Does Alfred collapse? And who does not survive the adventure? Questions to which you yourself choose the answers.

It was another long season. For five episodes, or just over ten hours, was the second season of Telltale’s Batman narrative and we draw a conclusion. The fact is: The series has grown and has continued this season’s events of the first season. The relationship with your friend / stalker / fan John Doe was meaningfully continued and deepened, but more on that later.


What sobered: first season decisions did not have much of an impact on this part. For the most part, consequences are only apparent in insignificant details: scars, for example, that a character has incurred in a fight or not, or anecdotes in a subordinate clause that allude to previous events. Even in this season, your decisions have a massive effect on the moment (in places you even decide on life and death), but for later events, they have little relevance.

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Only the last two episodes made a cut in this regard. There, after all, the effects of your actions are very noticeable. For example, until the fourth episode, Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Selena and John Doe seemed pre made and relatively rigid. But your connection to the latter unfolds in the last episode really. It makes the dynamic partnership the linchpin of the happenings and finally, really important decisions are made.

The Joker: friend or foe?

What Telltale has done in an extraordinary way with the final episode is the split into two almost completely different storylines. You have to answer for yourself whether the Joker arises in this chapter or not. If you have not behaved correctly towards him or let him hang often, then the harmless-looking Arkham inmate becomes the legendary super villain that all comic fans know and fear. Then he begins the episode with horror and terror, his great love Harley Quinn at his side.



But if you were a friend of John Doe, then a parallel cosmos opens up, which we have not met in the comics and films so far. Everything revolves around the question: “What if the Joker and Batman are partners?” Granted, an interesting constellation. This reveals to fans an interesting interpretation of the Batman Joker relationship and definitely the most creative moment the season has to offer.

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But: The stories of the other characters fade against this background to insignificant accessory. The fate of Alfred, for example, only languishes in front of him and is explained only in a few subsidiary scenes. The relationship with James Gordon has almost disappeared into insignificance. Also, I never knew which agent of villain Agent Waller actually died during the game. And was not there a romance with Catwoman?

As good and big as Batman and Joker’s relationship is, the other partnerships and hostilities are not well maintained. Played about Harley Quinn, Bane and Mr. Freeze at the beginning of a large role, they degenerate towards extras towards the end. Actually a shame, considering the possibilities. But what else was off the multi-faceted story?

Action like in the 60s

Fights and conflicts abound again in this season, which sometimes seems a little overdue, especially when the fight scenes are overstated and the actions look a bit crazy. Anyway, it was a bit too much popcorn action for us, especially in the first Riddler episode.



The puzzles and a few puzzles also provide variety at best, but were neither innovative nor particularly fun, instead they felt like gap fillers. Unfortunately, Batman also rarely needs to use his detective skills.

In the much-vaunted Batman Arkham series, for example, there were numerous, memorable puzzles during encounters with the Riddler. In the investigation of crime scenes and the reconstruction of events, the developers should have come up with something more. Stay tuned with us and dont forget to check latest ALIENWARE 25 AW2518H Review Online.

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