Call of Duty WW2 in Test

Call of Duty WW2 in Test: The singleplayer title debate continues after the sudden closure of visceral games . Numerous developers and publishers have already spoken out and defended single-player experiences , but also pointed out that it has become more difficult to market such titles lucratively.

Call of Duty WW2 in Test – World War I Returns

At Paris Games Week I had the opportunity to interview Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, about his point of view. Condrey also concerns the closure of the Visceral Games on a personal level, after all, he directed the studio a few years ago as the director of Dead Space.

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“It was a melancholy feeling when I heard about it, it was a studio full of talented people. As a gamer, I want to see as many great titles as possible on the market, I love to play good video games It’s making the industry healthier overall and bringing new people to gaming, so yes, I was very sad to see them close the studio (EA). ”

Call of Duty WW2 in Test

Call of Duty WW2 in Test

However, Condrey does not doubt the importance of single player games. At least at Call of Duty a missing single player mode would be unthinkable .

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“I can not imagine (Call of Duty: WW2) publishing without a campaign, I can not imagine telling the story of World War II, capturing heroism and courage without the help of a campaign different ways to put narrative content into zombie mode and multiplayer, but it’s the campaign that really gets you involved in those characters, you get to know the characters, feel their emotions, celebrate their achievements and feel their pain and I believe that is very important for the game. ”

Condrey emphasises to GamePro that although he can only speak for Sledgehammer Games and not for the other studios working on Call of Duty games, he is grateful to be able to deliver an emotional campaign this year .

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