Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition)

Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition): The ink rivers that have been poured out in recent years by industry reporters to curl Arkane’s praise and the first, unforgettable chapter in the Dishonored series are the heaviest legacy with which the protagonists of this new episode, who are then the the same as the former (Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin), will have to face up to arguing their reasons.

Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition)

With the help of Bethesda and the valuable suggestions received by users who have been challenged with the challenges of the original title and its current edition of the current-gen console, the French developers have taken advantage of the extended time allowed by the home of US production to extend the digital perimeter of their jewel and attract new adventures of action-stealth and open-world adventures with a deep graphic, narrative and playful restyling of the series designed to make Dishonored 2 one of the most important and amazing sequels of the last few years .

Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition)

Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition)

Dishonored 2: New Game Plus and new modes with free December update

The upcoming Dishonored 2 upgrade will further extend the already huge range of game options available to users

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The over 30 hours of gameplay with Corvo and Emily with the PS3 version of Dishonored 2 , most of which went by adopting a stealth approach, are therefore the perfect viatic for a review, as they can easily guess those who have followed along with us all the stages of the long development course undertaken by the boys of the Arkane studios, will certainly not be surprising, both positive and – unfortunately – in the negative.

Involving plot

In spite of the freedom offered to the user in choosing the path to be taken and decisions to be taken during the mainstream campaign, Dishonored 2’s narrative racket is extremely solid and engaging since the early adventures of the adventure, with the prologue to retrace the story of the previous episode and deepen the events in the Insular Empire in the 15 years following the fall of Lord Regent and at the end of the frightful plague epidemic that has decimated the population of Dunwall.

Dishonored 2 ps4 pRO rELEASE DATE

Dishonored 2 ps4 pRO rELEASE DATE

Without going into the details so as not to fall into the spoiler and to ruin the pleasure of discovery, we are confined to praising the efforts of the authors of the Arkane studies to give Dishonored 2 a profound and plagued scenes, secondary characters, manic care in the realization of scenarios and, above all, of the many fictional characters to follow, choosing to interpret Corvo and Emily alternating them according to their needs, proves either the inability to discover all the secrets of the main campaign during the course of a single “run”.

Deep gameplay and rich in nuances

The extraordinary autonomy guaranteed by the authors of Arkane’s studies in choosing the narrative path to “write” Dishonored 2‘s story and finale is inevitably reflected on the gameplay mechanics and the freedom granted to users in the dynamic evolution of skills and powers of the two characters. By embodying Corvo Attan and Emily Kaldwin we can go to the most secluded places in the coastal city of Karnaca and plan missions of sabotage, silent infiltration, or pure assassination with the help of dozens of paranormal gadgets, powers and paranormal abilities to capture through the ‘ exploring the scenario and achieving the goals set by the mainstream campaign: the duality between Emily and Corvo is a central element of Dishonored 2’s gaming economy,

Dishonored 2 images 2017 PS4

Dishonored 2 images 2017 PS4

The possibilities offered by the title from this point of view are virtually endless and constitute a kind of “game in the game” that provides us with the perfect alibi to start over the adventure and experiment with ever-new gameplay solutions with spatial approaches from pure stealth to classic shooters, plus the ability to completely reject the external aid represented by the paranormal abilities of the brand. However, unlike the past, the chance to experiment freely with the harmonious alternatives between Corvo and Emily is not an end to itself (and re-playability), but it becomes a true mantra for all those who decide to undertake history at the most challenging levels of difficulty.

Artistic inspired

The countless interventions made by the boys of Arkane Studios to make the Dishonored series come from the past generation consoles to the current platforms and find a perfect synthesis in the transition to the new setting represented by Karnaca, the southernmost city of the Insular Empire. Hottest, brighter, luscious, more colorful and definitely more alive than Dunwall, the Southern Jewel is in sharp contrast to the capital of the kingdom and its cool government districts, and for this reason it offers to the designers of Transalpine the perfect pretext to overthrow the art industry, moving away from the overwhelming gray of the 2012 episode.


The sun painting the streets of Karnaca exploding into a triumph of colors, in addition, masquerades the inevitable graphic defects of a title that makes the freedom of exploration one of its sharpest weapons: the brilliant opulence of the Royal Observatory, the crazy level design of Villa Meccania and the moody characterization of architectural elements, interior, clothing, equipment and graphics interface halfway between the retrofuturist and Victorian do not erase the disappointment resulting from the low resolution of the texture or poor definition of some furnishing accessories, but certainly help make it much more bearable.


Malformed difficulty

The complex ramifications of the abilities to unlock and the profound module of the acquisition of powers and “special moves” by Corvo and Emily represent a double-cut weapon: on the one hand, they are the backbone of the experience of Dishonored 2 and multi-faceted kaleidoscope choices to be made during the campaign, on the other end with compromising the progression of the adventure and crushing the level of difficulty of the most advanced missions.

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The scarcity of adaptation of the artificial intelligence of soldiers and robotic enemies to the abilities and powers unlocked by the two characters, unfortunately, soon transform the two heroes into irresistible war machines regardless of the level of difficulty selected: just an accurate one searching for the Amulets of Bones, in fact, to transform the second part of the mainstream into an extensive “training area” in which to test their omnipotent abilities or silent infiltration without causing particular risks to their alter ego.

The December upgrade, however, promises to solve some of these issues with the introduction of the New Game Plus function, the partial reformulation of the AI ​​of enemies, new modes and the ability to play an even higher level of difficulty . Those who are in search of strong emotions, regardless of this update, can always test by deciding to take the adventure without accepting the Trademark and, for the most courageous, without using advanced powers or gadgets.

Some bugs too

Over the course of about 30 hours spent on Dishonored 2 on PlayStation 4 (“standard” model), we stumbled across several bugs and glitches that negatively impacted our gaming experience: behavioral routines of bombarded enemies when loading a rescue , mysterious phenomena of interplay of polygonal models in the most crowded areas of Karnaca, intermittent and unrealistic lighting sources, missing animations in white-metal fights, stinging texture, characters swaying in the floor between a teleportation and the other, etc etc.



If you console the problems you find are mostly of a graphic nature and can be overlooked with relative simplicity, quite different is the situation on PC where Dishonored 2’s first buyers had to deal with bugs, glitches and crashes so severe to induce the same developers are activating with late patches and breakthrough solutions that, of course, do not honor the title.


It’s really a few hours to fall in love with Dishonored 2 : the work done by Arkane Studios in these four years to ful fill the wishes and requests of so many action-stealth enthusiasts grown under the shadow of the severe Dunwall architectures produced a small big jewel of audacity. The last work of the French subsidiary of Bethesda not only improves the gameplay mechanics of the original title in every respect, but it needs to intelligently evolve narrative dynamics and acquire its own dimension within the ever-expanding and fragmented kind of open world adventures with a freshness and a cure for unusual details for a sequel of this reach.

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The multi-faceted gaming experience provided by Dishonored 2 reflects magnificently the visionary and kaleidoscopic personalities of Corvo and Emily, dissipating the user’s attention in a growing sense of emotion and situations that leave the mark despite the lack of originality assurance guaranteed by the previous episode and a sense of progression that is incapable, at the most advanced level of adventure, to offer a satisfying challenge rate. Congratulations to Arkane’s studies, but also to those who, within Bethesda, have decided to value this intellectual property by not giving up the false earnings of the easy gain represented by annual serialisation. Hope you like our review on Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition).

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