GTA 6 Official Trailer *RUMOR*

Every Day lots of rumors about the gaming company rockstar, sometimes about the game sometimes about the release date. Recently got a rumor about Grand Theft Auto 6 for the GTA 6 Official Trailer. Before that in late 2016 Rockstar Games president Leslie Benzies said that “We are at early stage of this game and we are getting many ideas for this game so keep calm and wait for the launch”. After this statement, reporters asked when it is going to launch but leslie denied to say anything on this.


Now let’s talk about the rumor for the official trailer. If we see the response came or coming from the company for this game then according to that company is not going to reveal anything unless & until GTA 6 Release Date is going to be near. So that rumor is a fake one because the game is in its developing stage and going to release very soon.

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GTA 6 Official Trailer 

Grand Theft Auto Part 6 official trailer is not live now because as per the CEO/President of game development company Rockstar, Game is not going to out in 2017. So if we talk about the official trailer so it is going to out by the next year, and not in 2017. According to one trailer that we saw in youtube, GTA 6 Map will be of USA having different cities like New York, Miami, Los Angles and much more.

Many people contact us through our contact us page and told us the wish list that what he wants in this amazing game. So there is a news for those people we already forwarded wish list to us  that we forwarded your wish list to the company and with your wish list company is getting more ideas well there is a letter from the senior developer from Rockstar Games saying ” Thankyou People who are eagerly waiting for this amazing game and giving us your wish list”.

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