GTA 6 The fastest cars (Upcoming)

Among the approximately 700 vehicles in GTA 6 are also some sports cars. Which of the fastest cars in the current GTA are and where you can steal them, we tell you in this practical tip.

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GTA 5: The fastest cars of the first hour

Note: This list is out of date. These are the fastest cars of the first GTA version. A new ranking can be found in the next paragraph. Each of the following cars can be bought in GTA, but also stolen. However, the sites for car-Klau are not known for all cars.


  1. Truffade Adder: This sports car is reminiscent of the Bugatti Veyron and can be accelerated to just over 400 km / h. Buy the car, you have to put the proud price of one million dollars on the table. However, the car can be steal now and then in the Rockford Hills.
  2. Overflod Entity XF: This car comes to just over 400 km / h and is modeled after the Swedish Koenigsegg CC8S . However, the exotic costs “only” $ 795,000.
  3. Pegassi Vacca: This car does a lot similar to the Truffade Adder, but it is much more comfortable to handle. Even the price can be seen much more with $ 240,000. Sometimes the Lamborghini blend is even parked in front of Franklin’s house in the Vinewood Hills.
  4. Grotti Cheetah: The Grotti is one of the few cars that can be assigned to any real role model in reality. However, his top speed of just under 400 km / h clearly speaks for him.
  5. Infernus: The Porsche blend costs 440,000 dollars, but can also be stolen relatively easily. Just look across from Michael’s Villa in the parking lot of the tennis court. There is often a shiny silver model.
  6. Bullet: This car is the slowest of the top sports cars, but still much faster than most cars in the game. The Bullet is strongly reminiscent of the Ford GT. With $ 150,000 he is in this ranking but also the cheapest car.

Dishonored 2 Review (PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Edition)

The creator Broughy1322 took the trouble to test the fastest sports cars on a race track. The driven times always refer to the fully equipped variant of the cars. The list is up to the current DLC “The Doomsday Heist” current.


  1. 1st place: With a best time of 0: 59.194, the Dewbauchee Vagner is currently the fastest car in GTA 6. At 304 km / h, the Vagner lives up to its role model, the Aston Martin Valkyrie. With 1.5 million dollars, the price is also quite cheap.
  2. 2nd place: With a lap time of 0: 59.727, the RE-7B is only slightly slower. For just under $ 2.5 million you get the super sports car, which strongly reminds of a Nissan R390 GT1 or Mazda 787B.
  3. 3rd place: With about 2.4 million dollars, the XA-21 is not much cheaper. The Jaguar C-X75 blend manages a time of 0: 59,927.
  4. 4th place: New in the assortment of GTA 6 is the Överflöd Autarch. The model was probably the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003. For just under $ 2 million, the Överflöd manages a lap time of 0: 59.960.
  5. 5th place: The Pegassi Tempesta looks a lot like the Lamborghini Huracán. For a modest $ 1.4 million, the Lambo drives a lap time of 1: 00.803.

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