Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date

Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date: The fans of Horizon: Zero Dawn took the news surprisingly good-natured that the PS4 exclusive title will get only a single DLC. Although this will not be released until November 7, 2017, but we already know that the extension could accommodate it loosely with three DLCs – or a whole game.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date

At the Paris Games Week, good news after news comes for the gaming scene. Among other things , Sony announced that the Frozen Wilds DLC will take a total of 15 hours for Horizon Zero Dawn. The extension costs 19.99 euros, for PS Plus members 17.99 euros.

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Are you looking forward to climbing the iceberg? Get in touch with this trailer:

In addition to other additional content, there will be a new capability tree for various riding actions. A photo mode marks the icing on the cake, in which protagonist Aloy performs while making Snow Angel.

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The story will not take place before or after the events of the main game, but in parallel during that time. That’s why you can play the DLC without completing the main action.

The landscapes in Horizon Zero Dawn are not only good for hunting. Sometimes you just have to stop and catch the moment.

The expansion complements the main game with a new territory and a new tribe. Horizon: Zero Dawn was released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017. Are you looking forward to a new fantasy adventure with the brave Amazon? Tell us your opinion. Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date is going to announce very soon at gta6releasedate.online. Many people are eagerly waiting for this.

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