Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer & Release Date

Matching the launch of the expansion Frozen Wilds for Guerrilla Games’ action role-playing game Horizon: Zero Dawn, a launch trailer was released. This one agrees to the new adventures.


The Story DLC takes heroine Aloy to the icy north this time, where a host of new challenges, new enemies and missions await.

Horizon- Zero Dawn Trailer & Release Date

Horizon- Zero Dawn Trailer & Release Date

Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer & Release Date

As a fan of the action RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn you might be looking forward to the launch of the story DLC The Frozen Wilds on November 7th today.

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If you want to tune in to the new adventures, check out the launch trailer now released. This shows you what awaits you in the new game area to which heroine Aloy travels.

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The icy north is covered with snow, in which machine beings can lurk. Aloy meets many new NPCs who provide her with assignments. During your hike through the ice, you will also encounter new enemies that you can defeat with tactics.AdTech Ad

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In our review , we’ll explain how good the DLC The Frozen Wilds is and whether fans of Horizon: Zero Dawn should grow. Incidentally, according to the developers, this is the only extension of the Action RPG. There is one more news on Top 5 VR Games 2017 (PS4 & Xbox Edition) We will still hear about the new project Guerilla Games is currently working on. There are many people who are eagerly waiting for this game. You can like us on facebook, instagram, pinterest and many other social media platforms to get updated on games. Stay tuned with us for more updates on upcoming game GTA 6 Release Date.

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