Microsoft Xbox One X Release Date

Microsoft Xbox One X Release Date: On November 7, Microsoft’s new console Xbox One X appears at a price of 499 euros. We’ll take a closer look in this review of the final release hardware. The most important innovation: A significantly higher performance compared to the Xbox One S , which is to enable, inter alia, the games in 4K resolution.

Microsoft delivers a year after the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro a response to the faster version of the PlayStation 4 , the PlayStation 4 Pro currently costs about 130 euros less. In the test of the Xbox One X, we clarify the differences in detail to its predecessors and to the competition from Sony and whether the purchase of the 4K console is worthwhile.

Microsoft Xbox One X Release Date

The design Xbox One X resembles apart from the color (black instead of white) and the missing holes on the top strongly of the simple held Xbox One S, also the dimensions are almost identical. The latter is quite remarkable in view of the significantly increased performance, the One X weighs but just under a kilogram more. Soon gaming company Rockstar Games will launch GTA 6 Xbox One X Edition.

The surfaces are dull, and the workmanship leaves a good impression thanks to the sufficiently stable material and the uniform gap dimensions. On the sides are everywhere small openings to find that allow a good air circulation. This does not detract from the overall success of the Xbox One X.

On the side of the Xbox One X next to a friendly greeting from Seattle, many small holes to see that allow a better air circulation.



Other similarities to the Xbox One S are the power supply, ports, drive, and controller. The latter is black instead of white, but apart from that identical to the model of the Xbox One S. One controllers of the predecessor consoles are generally compatible with the Xbox One X. Have you see the article on WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch).

The power supply is located inside the case like the One S. But it delivers 245 watts instead of 120 watts, which is necessary due to the increased power. On the front and back are the same connections as with the Xbox One S available (see also the following comparison pictures). In the front, only the infrared receiver and the USB port have changed places.

The drive can deal with 4K UHD Blu-rays as with the One S (which is not the case with the PlayStation 4 Pro), and the rear port for the no longer produced Kinect camera was eventually also deleted from the Xbox One X, An existing Kincet can therefore only be connected to the Xbox One X via an adapter.

The limited edition Project Scorpio Edition has a green lettering compared to the standard model both on the controller and on the console, and also includes a stand for the vertical structure of the console (which according to Microsoft is also available separately) should be available).

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