Ninja Theory explains why they accepted Microsoft’s offer

In one of the more surprising announcements, Microsoft has purchased Ninja Theory. The study behind games like DmC Devil May Cry , Enslaved, Heavenly Sword and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice . Surprisingly because their game has previously been exclusive to the Playstation or released first to the Playstation. But Microsoft did not buy them. And it has not kept Ninja Theory from thanking no. GTA 6 The fastest cars (Upcoming)

“When Microsoft approached us, it was totally unexpected and not something we were really looking to do” stated creative lead Tameem Antoniades to omggamer.

“Ikke desto mindre, de spurte oss om hva våre mål og ambisjoner var som et studio i en ideell verden, og så vi sa at vi ønsket å frigjøre fra AAA-maskinen og gøre spil fokuseret på oplevelsen, ikke om monetisering.

Ninja Theory explains why they accepted Microsoft's offer

Ninja Theory explains why they accepted Microsoft’s offer

We want to take bigger creative risks, and creative genre-defining games without the constant threat of annihilation. We want to make our own games our own way, and not to be told what to make and how to make it, and above all, we want to protect our team, our culture, and our identity because that, in essence, is Ninja Theory .

Jeg er nå overbevist om at dette er en mulighet for oss til å hoppe framover, for å være høyere enn vi alltid har dratt til, for å virkelig fly, uten at ha trukket oss av det som har holdt oss tilbake så mye i fortiden .

Reports tell us that Microsoft has offered Ninja Theory full creative control so it will be exciting to see what they can create under their new leadership. Stay tuned with us for more updates on gaming industry, If you find this news interesting let us know your words by the comment section given down below. GTA 6 Release Date

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