Sony’s Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

Sony’s Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review: The funny quiz “That’s You!” opened in July 2017 the round of PlayLink games. The game turned out to be an optimal party fun with small weaknesses, but hinted at the potential of the launched series whose games were controlled via smartphone and tablet via its own PlayLink app instead of the controller. The photo spreads That’s you! Because social is more fun! Today Digital is also represented on Facebook and Twitter.Follow us and discvover the latest trends, games and gadgets from the digital world.

Sony’s Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

The PlayLink system has a significant avdvantage over traditional PlayStation games. While game scenes can be seen on the TV screen, further game information can be called up on the smartphone or tablet display, actions selected, photos taken or drawings made – depending on the game with up to eight players. The game title itself requires only the console owner, his up to seven players log into the game via the free app and must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the console owners.

Sony's Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

Sony’s Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

The British developers Supermassive Games now deliver with Hidden Agenda (19.99 euros, up to six players) a new action adventure title for the PlayLink series. The game is not only geared to the engine on the horror game Until Dawn, but also optically records its characters and partly the gameplay. As in the horror game, all figures can die in Hidden Agenda. Unlike Until Dawn, however, the majority of the group decides what actions to take and what the story is going to take.

On serial killer hunting

They all have one thing in common here: they are following a compelling story about the detective Becky Marnie and prosecutor Felicity Graves hunting down the infamous serial killer, The Trapper. As known from Until Dawn, players can usually choose from a limited number of action options at certain points. The action that the majority of players choose is executed. In between, fast quicktime events on the mobile devices are completed.

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What makes Hidden Agenda so ingenious is, as the title implies, the “hidden intention” or the ulterior motive of the individual players. Thus, a player can veto a majority decision and thus change the game if he has gotten a secret task. The tasks are distributed randomly by the game. While all players follow the main story, the agenda player’s job is to accomplish his goals. All others should identify the agenda player in their midst.

Showcase candidate for PlayLink

That’s you! was a funny prelude to PlayLink, but its showcase candidate has found the series with Hidden Agenda. The game delivers a modern, cinematic story without sagging. The gameplay is reduced to the bare essentials, even the game pieces you do not have to move yourself. While this may sound unsettling, it does provide a compact and exciting as well as thoroughly immersive interactive thriller adventure.

Sony's Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

Sony’s Hidden Agenda 2017 Test & Review

Particularly captivating are the decision-making scenes in which the flow of the game is interrupted for a few moments to select an action. They are more than half-heartedly implemented options for action, but fundamentally change the thriller. Should one scout a possible crime scene or enter the front door with the weapon drawn? Do you play according to the police rules or do you tell the supervisor that you can not follow a directive with a clear conscience? Depending on the decision, fundamentally different scenarios develop.

With or against each other

Hidden Agenda offers two game modes. In Story Mode, all players experience the plot, make decisions together, and try to track down the killer. It’s the experience that can be described as an interactive movie. In contrast to this is the competitive mode in which all players work against each other and the agenda aspect comes into play, which does not always work smoothly. Although it is exciting to be assigned a secret task at the start of a chapter, but the principle is easily comprehensible and requires intuition.

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The best, but also the most difficult, way is to get the players to use more or less manipulative words to choose action when making decisions. If that does not work, there is still the veto as a trump card that performs an action against the will of the majority. But it has significant disadvantages: not only that another player can also play a trump card and pick up the decision, also the Agenda player flies so fast. Trump cards can be found in game sections where gamers should investigate clues.

Short, but varied

Nevertheless, Hidden Agenda is a feat of interactive crime story, if the dynamics of the group works properly and you have talkative players here who like to comment on scenes and give their opinion anyway. And as a party game, Hidden Agenda is fantastic anyway. The story about the killer, who builds deadly traps for the police from his victims, is fresh and comprehensible. The characters are convincing, the plot with a supposedly innocently arrested murder suspect for drama and the characters are in every way great implemented and animated.

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Two hours must be scheduled for each Hidden Agenda round, but the gameplay lasts much longer. This is ensured by two aspects: On the one hand, (all) characters in the course of the action die, on the other hand, the assigned tasks of the Agenda players are always chosen randomly, which changes the way of playing. Mankos you will find only small. So a controller control as a single player as well as a chapter selection would have been desirable, instead you have to start a game over again and play as a single player on the app on the mobile device. Away from that, Hidden Agenda is
a terrific police thriller with an extremely high replay ability factor and especially played with friends an absolutely great experience. Over and over and over again.

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