Star Citizen 2018 Release Date Worldwide

Star Citizen 2018 Release Date Worldwide: Seemingly unstoppable, Star Citizen is approaching $ 58 million in funding. Critics fear that the development of the game will never be finished if it is donated and improved incessantly. Now Chris Roberts revealed some release dates for the game’s upcoming content at CitizenCon.

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CitizenCon is the name of the convention for the crowdfunding phenomenon Star Citizen. And after many a backer wondering if a game can ever cope and sometimes appear when it seems to be constantly being upgraded, Chris Roberts unveiled a roadmap for the upcoming game releases at the convention. Thus, the already playable Dogfighting module Arena Commander is still in this year in the version 1.0.

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Incidentally, if you own Arena Commander, you currently have the option of flying all five of the available ships for free . The action runs until 17 October. With the upcoming version update, the size of the maps will be doubled and rockets and a lobbying system will be added. At the end of October, the developers will present the first person shooter elements of the game at PAX Australia.AdTech Ad

Star Citizen 2018 Release Date Worldwide

Star Citizen 2018 Release Date Worldwide

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2015 continues with the first ten single-player missions from the story module Squadron 42. Also follows the alpha of the Planetside module, with which you commit planet surfaces. When Arena Commander 2015 passes to version 2.0, there are also playable ships that can be operated by multiple players simultaneously. An alpha version of the persistent universe is also planned for the coming year.

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There is a lot going on in the world of Star Citizen. The Twitch video for the convention is also available in the embedded player below these lines. More news about Chris Roberts’ space simulation can be found on our theme page as usual .

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