WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch): WWE 2K18 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can not deny his age. The wrestling series started under THQ and continued under 2K Games seems a bit like the video game equivalent of WWE legend Ric Flair (now 68 years old): At PS2 times in great shape and technically at the height, it is now hopelessly outdated and just do not know that it’s time to stop.

WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

Both the WWE series and Flair have covered their glorious time beyond measure. Well, let’s not be unfair. Ric Flair is a bit ahead of the series: he finally realized that no-one wanted to see an athlete with a long-expired date in the ring and retired in 2012 from the action.

WWE 2K18 shows that the game series (or its creators) lacks this insight. She has been languishing with her PS2 technical framework for years – but she does not recognize it and keeps going.

Switch version
For the switch version of WWE 2K18 there is currently no exact date known. The game is loosely announced for “Fall 2017”.

Wrestling remains wrestling

The basic structure of the game has been unchanged for years. Logically, because you have to follow the sport that you want to simulate. Two or more men (or women) beat, throw and knot through the ring until one has no strength and is pinned by the opponent to the referee’s “3-Count” on the mat.

WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

There are the most adventurous Rule modifications to bring in variety. For example, fighting in the steel cage, Battle Royales with up to eight wrestlers in the ring at the same time, or “Extreme Rules” that even allow the use of weapons.

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The backstage battles are also back and shift the fighting behind the scenes in offices or the underground car park. There are a lot of interactive places like a commentary desk or a ring post, which invite you to experiment with your opponent.

Almost everything is allowed in Extreme Rules matches, including the use of folding chairs as a weapon.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X
WWE 2K18 has no specific features for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, but runs on the PS4 Pro thanks to boost mode more stable than on the normal console. On the Xbox One X, we could not try the game at the time of the test.

The load of features

Over the years, the Japanese developer Yuke’s refined the controls more and more to meet the increasing simulation demands of the originally very arcade series. Even if the roots of the game, which remain unchanged until today, do not really suit it.

Again, there are small changes again. For example, we can now load the opponent out of the lock on each other’s shoulders and carry it through the ring to an object like the ring post that we interact with. A cool innovation! But that does not change the fact that the game is now very overburdened. There is also a news on Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date.

All the little mini-games, like the task grasp (we have to overlay two rotating bars – do not ask!), Or the chain wrestling (power measurement after the scissors-stone-paper-principle) are nice ideas, but in the end one wonders if which is really necessary and actually useful to transfer the show spectacle from the television into a game.

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Instead of a fun fury, the fan gets an overambitious simulation , which sometimes seems bulky and incomprehensible. Above all, the core system, which has remained unchanged for years, is likely to frustrate newbies: If you want to ward off an action, you have to press the counter button within a fraction of a second at just the right moment.

WWE 2K18 Test of PS4, Xbox One

WWE 2K18 Test of PS4, Xbox One

For this to work, you should know the animation phases almost by heart. Although the game will show the corresponding button symbols, whoever follows it will not see any land. Intuitive is something else!

In the Royal Rumble are now up to eight wrestlers in the ring for the first time, there is chaos inevitable.

Dumb career

The “big thing” this year is the refurbished career mode , in which we lead a home-made newcomer (“My Player”) from the development league NXT to the Wrestle mania Main Event. Sure, this task is not too fresh and, so to speak, the prototype of story mode in a wrestling game.

What’s new is the influence of RPG elements : you walk around behind the scenes, talk to WWE stars, and get assignments to improve status and standing within the wrestling league. In principle, you always pick up victory conditions for your next match – say, “Win the next fight with a four-star rating”.

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Not a bad basic idea, but the execution is just like the story itself, to say the least, uninspired. It’s 2017, and WWE 2K18 presents a story mode that has countless dialogues but no speech output . The game only shows us the people who make their mouth movements in an endless loop, as long as we do not press away the associated text box.

Of course, that also harms some nice meant gags. For example, when we meet Triple H and he hesitantly puts out his DX saying, “Okay, but just one more time … I’ve got two words for you: Suck it!” Without the wrestler’s voice, that just does not work. The WWE stars make mouth movements into text boxes – in 2017 an absurdity. WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch) is here. 

Collection of Lootboxes

Just as incomprehensible as the missing voice recordings is the use of Lootboxen in the career mode : Instead of specifically targeting, for example, to unlock items for the usual extensive editor, we rely on random loot boxes, which we have to buy with in-game in game currency. In the editor off the career mode, however, the items are already unlocked. After all, there are no real money transactions unlike NBA 2K18.

Another thing the designers of Yuke’s and Visual Concepts are proud of is linking the game to WWE pay-per-views . In “Road to Glory” mode, you earn the right to compete in the Main Event of the next major event with your “My Player”, winning loot boxes and unique items for the editor. The main events of the game are linked to the actual staging dates of the PPVs. Hope you like our article on WWE 2K18 Test (PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch).

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