Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Season Pass, Japanese voices, Zelda skin, Nintendo Direct news (Replay)

This broadcast expected by fans of J-RPG will at least have the merit of reassuring the purists of the genre, and there are many: Japanese voices will be available in DLC for freefrom the launch of the game, on December 1.

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After this (good) first news, Nintendo is back on the personalization of the blades of which we have already spoken, but today we learned the existence of a sociogram that will allow you to weave with them more or less strong links . These links will obviously improve their combat performance, but they will also trigger some quests or dialogues further strengthening these relationships. This is what motivate players to spend time in the arms of these double-edged waifu.

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The Blades can also be sent on a mission to maximize their potential when they will not be used in combat, some form of capital maximization even on another planet.

The tide dress

As far as the actual exploration is concerned, the video has chosen to focus on a few important details, since we discover the influence of the tides on the exploration (it will be possible to cross to the swims what was a chasm a few hours ago), but also a highlighted map, very convenient to navigate without ever going through a dedicated menu.

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In the same vein, the hub can be more or less lightened according to your choices: if the first visuals seem to drown under the information, each player can choose to simplify the appearance of its menus , to “enjoy the show “since such seems to be the expression chosen by Nintendo.

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We will quickly go on the different types of combos that propel the title of Monolith Software in the continuity of the two previous episodes released on Wii and WiiU to focus on Tiger! Tiger! a little retro game that will improve the Blade Poppi, kawai bail essential to any self-respecting J-RPG.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Season Pass, Japanese voices, Zelda skin, Nintendo Direct news (Replay)

In the category “We had not seen it coming”, here Link will be able to don Rex’s costume in a new mission available from November 9 , in two small days children!

But Nintendo has pushed the soup to the grimace for the very end of this presentation, since we are officially learning the existence of a Season Pass whose content is detailed in the image gallery below, and which will therefore feed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in additional content until next autumn, enough to keep the community active … and its wallet. The dematerialized version accompanied by this Season Pass will still cost the trifle of 89.98 € , the most palindromic price that we can think of.

In short, here is the grain to grind to occupy the three weeks that separate us from the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , since the game will be released exclusively on Switch on December 1 .

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